WI Coverdell Stroke Partnership

Coverdell Stroke Program: BEFAST

Coverdell Stroke Program in the Community

Stroke prevention begins in the community. It means knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke (BEFAST) so you can quickly call 911 when you or someone around you is potentially experiencing a stroke. It also means taking the steps to help prevent a stroke such as a healthy diet, getting regular physical activity, and quitting smoking.

Each individual can do a great deal to prevent their own risk of a stroke, but it takes more to reduce the risk and result of stroke for everyone, everywhere. 

The Y, along with other community-based organizations, is here to help spread the word on identifying stroke signs and education on individual risk factors to all Rock County residents.

Stroke Prevention

A majority of strokes are preventable. By making healthy lifestyle choices, like quitting smoking and controlling conditions which may already be present, such as hypertension and diabetes, a person can help to reduce their risk of stroke.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services maintains active programs to assist people in the prevention and understanding of conditions like pre-diabetes and heart disease, as well as resources to help communities in their efforts to address nutrition and physical activity needs.