Loaner Cuff Program (BPSM)

Loaner Cuff Program

Community Integrated Health

Our Loaner Cuff Program is FREE & OPEN to Rock County residents 18+ that meet qualifications. 

What is self-measured blood pressure (SMBP)?

SMBP is when you measure your blood pressure outside of the doctor’s office or other health care settings.

Why do I need to measure my blood pressure if it was already measured at the doctor’s office?

SMBP allows you to measure at different times throughout the day and over a longer period of time, helping your doctor get a more complete picture of your blood pressure.

How does SMBP help me with my health?

By using SMBP, you and your care team can come up with a treatment plan to better control your blood pressure. This can prevent more serious health problems.

*Financial Assistance available. Have an Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Apply it here!

What is Community Integrated Health?

The YMCA’s Loaner Cuff Program is part of our Community Integrated Health efforts, to strengthen the linkages between traditional healthcare and community-based prevention strategies in order to help individuals prevent, delay, or live better with chronic conditions.

Community Integrated Health (CIH):

  • Increases access to care

  • Lowers costs

  • Prevents and addresses chronic disease

  • Reduces the effects of some social determinants of health

  • FREE Y Membership for your entire household

Rock County Public Health Department and the YMCA of Northern Rock County, working together for a healthy, thriving community.