Programs 101


All you need to know about Y programs!

The YMCA offers 7 program sessions throughout each year. Program classes are open to everyone in the community but by being a member of the YMCA you receive discounts on program class fees and priority registration.

League registrations differ from program registrations and generally open earlier. Leagues are labeled in the division description and programs are labeled by session (Ex: Spring, Summer 1, etc.)

Registration is open to members on the Monday, 4 weeks prior to the start of the session. Registration opens to Community Participants (CPs) on the Monday 2 weeks prior to the start of the session. 

Swim lessons are progressive and sessions are built based on current enrollment. Registration is available for members two weeks prior to the start of the session and 1 week prior to the start of the session for CP’s. 

All program registrations can be completed online.

7 weeks

Summer I: 6 weeks
Summer II: 6 weeks

Fall I: 8 weeks
Fall II: 8 weeks

Winter I: 7 weeks
Winter II: 7 weeks


SessionRegistration Dates

Spring: April 17 - June 3

Member Registration: March 27 - April 14

CP Registration: April 3 - 14

Summer I: June 5 - July 15

Member Registration: May 8 - June 2

CP Registration: May 22 - June 2

Summer II: July 17 - August 26

Member Registration: May 8 - July 14

CP Registration: May 22 - July 14

Fall 1: September 5 - October 28

Member Registration: August 7 - September 1

CP Registration: August 21 - September 1

Fall II: October 30 - December 23

Member Registration: October 2 - 27

CP Registration: October 16 - 27



Program fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment methods include cash, check or charge (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover). Payment for registrations done online or by phone must be completed by debit or credit card.


To take advantage of the membership rate for programs, the member must have a valid membership for the entire session of the program. If the membership is discontinued during the session and the member wishes to complete the program, they would be charged the community participant price for the remainder of the session.


Transfers or changes to a different program within the same session are allowed free of charge.


The YMCA reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes and cancel up to one class without issuing a refund.


No refunds will be issued for classes missed or cancelled due to inclement weather or holidays. If the Y cancels a program, a credit will be issued to the account holder.


All Y programs are non-refundable.