24/7 Access


Guidelines and Rules


Be an active 24/7 Member
Only active YMCA of Northern Rock County members are eligible

No sharing key cards
Do not permit anyone to use your key card. Sharing a key card is strictly prohibited.

Stay within open areas.
Do not enter closed areas during non-staff hours

Do not hold the door
All members must use their assigned key card to enter the building after hours

Follow the code of conduct
All YMCA policies and guidelines apply to after-hours access.

Emergency: Call 9-1-1

Any misuse of the YMCA’s facilities or guidelines will result in termination of membership and 24/7 Access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members must be 18 years or older to be eligible for 24/7 Access. Youth ages 10+ may utilize 24/7 Access under direct supervision of a parent/guardian with 24/7 Access.

24/7 Access is for YMCA of Northern Rock County members only. It is not available for group memberships, State or Nationwide Reciprocity.

Fitness Center, Weight Room, Gymnasium, and restrooms (no locker rooms)

24/7 Access is available at all times the facility is closed, including holidays. 

24/7 Access is a one-time fee of $25, as long as your membership stays current. If you cancel your membership, you are subject to another $25 fee when you renew.

You can sign up for this access by going to the Welcome Center at either branch. Members will be required to sign a waiver.

Please notify us immediately and you will be re-issued a new key tag.

We highly recommend that members exercise with other 24/7 access members when using the facility outside of staffed hours, because we will not have any staffing assistance during the times the Y is closed. There is an emergency phone in the Welcome Center, along with an AED.

Members with 24/7 access cannot grant access to other individuals, even if they are YMCA members and known to you. Granting access to another individual will result in the member losing 24/7 access and possible termination of their Y membership. The individual accessing 24/7 without the proper membership will be deemed as trespassing.

The facility is monitored by a video surveillance system for security purposes. Staff will review the video on a daily basis to address any security concerns and monitor for appropriate usage. You should not assume the facility is monitored live.