Corporate Membership

Partnering for a
Healthier YOU

A Corporate Membership with the Y helps you protect your business’ most valuable assets: your people. Make the move that has proven to lower health care costs, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

• The Y enables healthy lifestyles, teaches teamwork and fosters belonging.

• We make it possible to try new things and provide amazing learning experiences.

• We strengthen communities and keep the most vulnerable from falling through society’s cracks.

• The YMCA is here for all and provides financial assistance so that no one is turned away.

How it works:

Your company may choose to pay part of the membership and allow the remainder to be paid by employees, or you may choose to be responsible for all payments to the YMCA for the employee’s memberships.

Ready to learn more?

Our Corporate Membership Guide will give you all the fine print on Corporate Memberships and what your first step is!

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