Employee Benefits


Medical – Vision – Dental – Life

Full-time employees are provided life and disability insurance benefits and have the opportunity to elect medical, vision, dental and additional life insurance coverage.

Offered through YMCA Employee Benefits, plan documents and details are available by clicking “plan information” button for medical, vision, dental, life, & long-term disability plans. 

Enrollment instructions found on Plan Information link above or contact Dawn Hannula, Human Resource Director at [email protected] for assistance.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

The Y offers employees the convenience of opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) with Johnson Financial Group-Janesville through an easy and secure on-line process.  Click here to securely provide your information to set-up a new account and start pre-tax deductions beginning 1/1/23.

Y Retirement

All Y employees, regardless of employment status, are encouraged to contribute to a 403(b) Smart Account through payroll deduction. For more information or to obtain forms, please click below for the YRF website.

Membership & Program Discounts:

For part-time employees, eligibility is based upon number of hours worked each week. Audits are conducted to ensure minimum requirements are met.

For information regarding benefit eligibility, please refer to the Employee Handbook found on the main Employee Portal page.

If you or your dependents have questions or would like to set-up a meeting to further discuss our benefit offerings, please contact Dawn Hannula, HR Director at [email protected].

2023 Enrollment Period for Medical/Vision, Dental, & Optional Life Insurance:
November 16 – 30, 2022

  1. Review plan information & rates
  2. Submit enrollment elections
  3. Ensure anyone (19 years & older) covered under your YMCA Medical plan, completes the Rally Health Survey on or after 1/1/23 and before 1/15/23 (please see button links to the left)


Taking the Rally Health Survey
Every year on August 1, members of YMCA Employee Benefits’ medical plans have the opportunity to retake their Rally Health Survey and level set their health and wellness goals while also helping their YMCA earn premium credits. Follow these simple steps to log in to Rally to take your survey.